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The Best or Nothing.

This style of boat has been a US West Coast staple since the early 70’s and has gone through many ideations and builders attempts at producing a quality boat for an educated, experienced market.

Originally built as a platform for commercial abalone divers the design has shown its adaptability by being used for fishing with hook and line, nets and pots, diving for sea urchin, herring roe and sea cucumber. Sport owners have enjoyed the benefits as well as municipalities for fire and rescue operations as well as surveying. These boats ranged from 10′ to over 40′ in length but were generally built with “one eye closed and holding up the thumb” to develop the lines.

Highliner Custom Boats are the result of years of experience and then actual design work performed by naval architects. Taking what worked on the water, on the computer, on paper and with both eyes open, over 2 years was dedicated to perfecting a design that is now ready to become the standard for top performers- Highliners.

Using first quality resins and fabrics applied by hand, vacuum and injection with engineered, waterproof and application-specific cores, Highliner hulls are built to be lighter without sacrifice and perform. Knowing where the balance is between weight, stiffness, and thickness lets the hull take the beating, not the operator. The engine(s) operate within their design range because the hull works with the water by keeping the majority on and out of the water, riding on strakes and a carefully engineered pad. Get used to making it to the grounds first. Yet when you’re on the drift or on the hook the substantial reverse chines keep you stable. No need to get everything to the other side of the boat to pull the load over the rail.

Building on it’s tough commercial lines, a Highliner feature an easily definable whaleback bow. This not only provides additional room below and lets the cabin develop a lower profile, it also provides a massive cleaver to keep the swell, chop and spray out of your way.

Highliner builds each boat the right way- stainless steel, anodized aluminum, laminated fiberglass backing plates, marine specific wire and connectors, electronic and LED switches and lights, water and fuel tight fittings designed for ease of use and safety. There’s only one right way.

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