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Features of the 22 Inshore

You checked the weather and it’s ON! Pack the rods and gear, the coolers, the friends… the Highliner 22 Inshore is ready.

With the same hull as the no compromises 22 Offshore, the Highliner 22 Inshore features a center or side console that opens up a whole new level of deck space and performance. Equipped with up to 380 horsepower of inboard power you have over 100 sq ft of fish fighting room. Bolt on outboards past 350 hp and relax with over 140 sq ft, all on a 22′ platform. No need to sweat needing a semi to haul it either, the 22 Inshore is beefy and yet light and will trailer behind your half ton or SUV!

Like the 28 PRO, the 25 Offshore and it’s brother 22 Inshore, you get a no compromises hull that will be the envy of everyone at spot and later the launch ramp. Fully hand built with strength and value in mind, your safety and enjoyment are foremost.

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