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Highliner. noun. A title given a fisherman or boat recognized as the top producer; an envied level of excellence.


We Deliver Results

If you’re here it’s because you’ve seen and experienced what other boats can’t do. You’ve put in your time getting beat, getting wet and repairing things that shouldn’t break. You know what you want, where you want it and why. Using the finest materials and techniques along with the ultimate in hand crafted attention to quality and detail, your Highliner boat will be built for YOU. Not the masses, not the inexperienced or the wannabes. What you want becomes the guide for your build.

With knowledge and skills developed over 35 years of building and repairing boats, commercial fishing and diving, Highliner founder Sven Anderson has taken a proven platform and incorporated the changes he’s seen necessary to come up with a completely new design and experience for the boat owner – a new design that lets you extend your time and distance with straight lines, clean edges and correct angles that work with the engine(s) instead of forcing a old idea along. A design that works on paper and in the water because it’s been built right from the start, not an idea that oughta work; a new experience where you get your calls returned, your questions answered and you know what’s going on. Highliner Custom Boats builds ON TIME and ON BUDGET. Experience comfort in the fact that the boat fits you, doesn’t beat you or make your job out there any tougher than it already is. Experience safety because your hull exceeds USCG standards.

You’ve earned a Highliner.